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Magic World Entertainment Company


Beach Festivals & Live Concerts

Its non-ending festivities and parties with Magic World Entertainment. Take your holiday to new heights with a roundup of enticing live shows by international performers every evening. You will dance the night away with our mini disco, live concerts, and various themed parties changing on daily basis.

Parties & Live Acts

Our team will fill the air with energy and excitement with astounding live performances such as flash mob, magic shows, cabarets, as well as dancing and entertainment games to keep your time filled with excitement. In addition, Magic World Entertainment introduces exclusive party concepts including 1001 Evening party which brings local costumes, dances, and shows, In addition to a champagne party and sunset cocktail party.

Destination Dining

Indulge in exquisite gastronomy and upscale culinary experiences brought to you by a roundup of professional and talented chefs. The unmatched concept of Magic World Entertainment redefines holidays with a diverse range of delectable food and beverages from top cuisines around the globe prepared with premium quality ingredients and served in an astounding ambiance

Fitness & Action

Magic World Entertainment enables you to keep your fitness routine on track with a variety of sports facilities and programs including a fitness center that operates from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with personal trainer support. For group activities our licensed team leads several classes including Zumba, trampoline classes, fat burning, and bodyweight training. This is in addition to hit-high intensity interval training, stretch and strengths, power aerobic, easy step, step aerobics for advanced, aqua fitness, Pilates, and yoga.

Soft Sports & Aquatics

Explore a world filled with water adventure and sports such as beach volleyball, beach and pool activities, as well as aqua fitness and aqua aerobics to give an adrenaline boost while enjoying refreshing water splashes. Diving enthusiasts can explore the magic of the underwater world with our diving activities provided by a professional licensed team and supported with all the needed equipment.

Kids Club & Teens Activities

Magic World Entertainment is designed with the little ones in mind to make their holiday filled with excitement either on their own under supervision from our team, or with their families. We provide an extensive range of activities, programs, and facilities including:

• Magic mini club (4-6 years)

• Magic kids club (7-12 years)

• Teens’ time (13-16 years)

• Teens’ zone 

• Magic mini disco 6 times a week 

• Magic kids’ night twice a week 

• Teens’ night 6 times a week 

• Magic mini dinner & cinema 

• Teens dance course 

• Teens holiday video

• Sports tournament for teens 

• Football for teens and kids 

• Family activities 

• Shadowed playground 

• Two additional Magic kids’ nights per week

• Video cinema 6 times a week 

Costume Design & Choreography

Bring your artistic side to the light with Magic World Entertainment Company and explore the enjoyment of custom design with our team. If dancing is one of your hobbies, take it to the next level with Magic World Entertainment’s couples dancing classes, salsa, and several other types of dancing classes.

Magic Angel

We add an extra wow factor to the holidays with memorable daily programs, as we call them our own ‘Magic Moments’ where we surprise you daily with different programs to keep the flow of your holiday thrilling. Our Magic Angels will be eagerly waiting to welcome you upon arrival and will take you on a Magic Angels club tour once a week.Various other entertainment programs, activities, and surprises await you, delivered by Magic Angels.