Travel To Sharm El Sheikh

A sense of luxury, fine dancing, incredible waterscapes, and the essence of joie de vivre permeate Sharm El-Sheikh. Undoubtedly one of the finest resort regions in the world, Sharm has an undeniable charm that will bowl you over immediately.


Accommodation in Sharm El-Sheikh is scattered across three main areas:


Naama Bay is the downtown district. Stroll down the promenade, browse through the shops, or enjoy a lazy lunch at a local café.


Ras Om El Seid is famous for it’s coral reefs. If you’re a dive aficionado, this is where you want to be. Most of the hotels are perched on a bluff, with panoramic views of the beach and Naama Bay.


Sharm El Maya is the historic quarter. This charming old town is like a postcard with a picturesque bay, a quiet stretch of sandy beach, and shady palms, giving it a timeless quality.


Regardless of their location, you know you can rely on Jaz Hotels Group to consistently offer seamless service, plush accommodations, an array of facilities and amenities, and exquisite gastronomy.

Discover Sharm El Sheikh

Beaches & Water Sports

In Sharm El-Sheikh, life’s a beach. The day usually starts at the beach and most of our hotels offer guests private beach access, and a full program of activities that will keep you engaged all day.


If you’re a sporty vacationer, then a morning of beach volleyball in the sun, or windsurfing across the waves will certainly get your adrenaline flowing. On the other hand, if you prefer a lazy day with a cocktail in hand while you sway to the rhythm of the music at a beach bar, that’s an option too.

Discover Sharm El Sheikh

Spa & Wellness

As the Red Sea resort capital, Sharm El-Sheikh has great selection of spas. Amongst these is Mividaspa, which is one of the finest and best-known spa brands in Egypt.  Its exclusive treatment rooms are open to guests of Jaz ​Hotel Group across Sharm El-Sheikh. Another highlight is the Tranquillity Spa, with 17 treatment rooms and a full menu of indulgent therapies.


Fitness and wellness facilities are in full supply. Beyond spa facilities, guests can also make use of fully equipped fitness centres, saunas and swimming pools attached to their respective hotels.

Indulge in a massage, a beauty treatment, or a dip in a jacuzzi. Recalibrate your body, mind and soul to a state of optimal wellbeing. We promise you will emerge from our spas feeling like new.

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