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A former Bedouin settlement, Dahab, evokes the mystique of Egypt. The name 'Dahab' means 'Gold' in Arabic, a tribute to the velvety sands on its coast.

Dahab Holidays

Dahab, a tranquil coastal town on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, captivates travelers with its laid-back charm and stunning natural beauty. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs, it's a paradise for snorkelers and divers. The town's relaxed atmosphere, lined with beachside cafes and authentic cuisines, invites visitors to unwind and soak in the breathtaking desert landscapes. With its blend of adventure and tranquility, Dahab makes a perfect retreat for both adventure-seekers and relaxation enthusiasts.


Dahab offers unparalleled diving experiences amidst the stunning Red Sea underwater landscapes. At the heart of Dahab's lies the iconic Blue Hole, a magnet for experienced divers seeking adventures in its depths exceeding 130 meters. Here, divers can explore the legendary underwater "The Arch," amidst vibrant coral and marine life. Nearby, the Three Pools provide a serene alternative for novice divers and snorkelers, offering gentle dives in interconnected lagoons teeming with colorful fish and coral gardens.

Beaches & Water Sports

Velvety sand and serene waters make Dahab’s beaches ideal for watersports enthusiasts. It’s particularly well suited for windsurfing, with winds exceeding four and beautiful weather for an average of 300 days in a year. Sheltered and calm, the waters are lovely for a dip, while a steady breeze makes it perfect for boats and boards. Pedal boats, glass-bottomed boats, and yachts are also options. Dahab offers a diverse array of activities for thrill-seekers and leisurely beachgoers and promises unforgettable beach experiences along the Red Sea coast.

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