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Travel To Tunisia

Home of the ancient city of Carthage, Tunisia was once an important player in the Mediterranean, thanks to its location in the centre of North Africa, close to vital shipping routes. There are several ways to enjoy your vacation in Tunisia, including spending your vacation on the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, or planning a circuit of Tunisia.

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Beaches & Water Sports

Silky sands, aquamarine waters, and golden sunshine create an ambience that’s hard to beat in Sousse. The beaches in the area are ideal for families to bond with one another and enjoy a fun day in the sun, sand and surf.


Main Boujaffar Beachfront:

Clear blue water and white sandy beaches, are juxtaposed against a high-rise skyline. This is a great spot to step out with your kids and enjoy a pleasant picnic as the water laps the shore.


The Promenade:


An endless stretch of white sand, makes this beach a sunbather’s dream. Terrific views and clear waters make it perfect for a dip. Come dusk, and the bars and clubs spring to life. It’s a great spot to enjoy terrific music and a party vibe.

Discover Tunisia


A bustling atmosphere and youthful vibe makes Sousse one of the liveliest towns in Tunisia. The city is dominated by a central Medina, which is cordoned off by medieval ramparts, which give it a castle-like appearance. Soft and smooth underfoot, the sandy beaches around Sousse are simply paradise. Sousse is also home to a rich heritage of history and architecture, some of which dates back several centuries to the Ottoman and Byzantine empires.