Through community outreach, sustainable accommodations, and animal welfare, Jaz Hotel Group is fully committed to all environmental performance principles and requirements.


Jaz Into the Wild

Jaz Hotel Group takes pride in its initiative to take care of our surrounding wildlife through TR campaigns, vaccination, and providing shelters across Red Sea in Egypt. In addition, we keep conducting sessions to educate our teams and guests on how to take care for our biome.

Jaz Go Green

We owe our living to our beautiful environment therefore Jaz Hotel Group introduced Jaz Go Green to protect our environment. With our internal teams and guests, we organize several plantation drives, and fun and informative sessions to educate and support our mission. Our latest initiative to collaborate with Brita bottles and filters and introduce biodegradable straws, to reduce single use plastic are amongst many other initiatives.


Jaz Helping Hands

Jaz Hotel Group actively works hand in hand with neighboring communities by making donations to schools and orphanages, organizing blood donation drives and showcasing appreciation towards local culture and community development. 

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