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At Jaz Hotel Group, sustainability is not just a narrative but it is our culture that we imbibe into every facet of our operations. Through our program, Jaz Gives Back we aim to support our company’s strong culture to preserve and protect our communities and environment. With the support of our 3 pillars, we are dedicated to implement eco-friendly practices in all areas of our operations and aim to preserve the planet for future generations. From our outreach initiatives to sustainable accommodations and animal welfare programs, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and adhering to the highest ecological performance principles and requirements.

Jaz Go Green

Jaz Hotel Group recognises its core responsibility to protect the environment, therefore, the team undertook the initiative of Jaz Go Green which encompasses all the environmental initiatives and sustainability practices of the group. All our hotels are Green Star certified, which is recognized by GSTC. With the help of our internal teams and guests, we organize awareness campaigns to educate our younger generation, arrange several plantation drives, and participate in many green initiatives throughout each year to support our mission.

Jaz Into The Wild

Through our initiative, Jaz Into The Wild we aim to protect and look after the local wildlife through TNR campaigns, vaccination campaigns, endangered species awareness programs, migratory bird projects and many other measures. With our partners we organize regular underwater clean-ups for our house reefs and marine life, provide shelters, conduct sessions to educate our teams and guests on how to take care for our biome.