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Travel To Hurghada

Vibrant, youthful and lively, Hurghada showcases a dynamic aspect of contemporary Egypt. Founded in the early 1900s, this sea-side city may lack the architectural legacy of Egypt’s other metropolises, but it more than makes up for it with an upbeat buzz.

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Hurghada is a world-famous for its scuba diving, with sites in the area to suit nearly any skill level. It’s a bona fide year-round destination, too. In the summer, a 3mm wetsuit is all you’ll need. In the winter, 5- 7mm will be enough. Jaz Bluemarine and Jaz Aquamarine both operate diving centres, so guests can arrange lessons and hire equipment right on the resort grounds.


If you’re not a scuba diver, we have other options that allow you to explore the beauty of the reef. Hop onto a sightseeing submarine that takes you down below, while you stay dry inside. Take a cruise in a glass-bottomed boat, pedal boat, catamaran or canoe. If you prefer your activity above the water, soar up over the waves with a parasail.

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Water Sports

Strong and steady winds throughout the year make Hurghada a great spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The weather and the terrain is ideal for both beginners and more experienced kite and wind surfers.


There are three main bays for wind sports. The downwind bay is dominated by windsurfers, while the two upwind bays are better-suited for kite surfers. There’s plenty of space for practicing your moves, starting in shallow waters that extend about 100 meters form the beach before running into deeper waters. Once you’re feeling confident, catch a breeze and skim out to the sandbar about 1 km offshore.


Hurghada hosts several international windsurfing and kite surfing competitions throughout the year. Even if you aren’t keen on practicing the sport yourself, you can still admire the talent from your beach chair. Wind speeds are highest from May to September, and arranging lessons is easy if you decide you’d like to give it a try.

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The Jaz resorts in Hurghada offer an all-inclusive service, which creates a holistic holiday experience.

From on-site restaurants and bars ,to retail therapy, sports to spa, we’ve got all the elements for the perfect Red Sea vacation.


If you feel like exploring further afield, Hurghada is the perfect place to have a great time.

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Old Town & Souk

Feel like something a little more traditional? The El Dahar old city has its own souk, complete with a market street that’s off-limits to automobiles.