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Jaz Flavors

Combining the art of gastronomy and hospitality in one package Jaz Hotel Group takes pride in highlighting it’s culinary experience under “Jaz Flavors” programme.

Through spectacular dishes, curated menus, lush cocktails and a vast variety of other exciting dining options, Jaz Flavors provides best in class food and beverage experiences to our guests! Whether you prefer to relax in the comfort of your room or surround yourself with an exquisite view, our dedicated team of chefs at Jaz Flavors have got you covered with their culinary delights for every choice of yours.

We bet you can't just pick one!

Whether it’s Middle Eastern, Asian, European or American, each and every cuisine has its own taste to savour.

Lentil Tacos

This exquisitely prepared vegan dish, created by chef Noha Saleh, combines a soft texture from the lentils, with a crunchy texture from the taco shell, to transport you to a state of umami.

Margherita Pizza

You will be taken to Italy with every bite of this flattened pizza disc topped with, fresh oregano, tomato, olives, and mozzarella, drizzeled with olive oil for the upmost indulgence.

Triple Sliders

This platter features three distinct kinds of juicy wagyu beef burgers with buns that impart flavor-enhancing aromas to the hungry soul who are about to go on a gastronomic journey.

Vanilla & Basil Panna cotta

Traditional panna cotta created in the Piedmont region of Italy is made with sweetened cream and gelatine, served with seasonal fruits and an espresso to balance your palette.

Key Restaurants

Maya's Beach Restaurant - Steigenberger Ras Soma
Nino's Restaurant - Jaz Makadi Saraya
Sanafir Beach Restaurant - Steigenberger Alcazar
Basilico Restaurant- Steigenberger Alaya