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We’re walking on sunshine with the 2016 TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards

26 TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards for Jaz Collection


Tripadvisor celebrates the 14th year of Traveller’s Choice Awards in 2016. And with that, Jaz Collection is celebrating 14 years of consistent success and ambition driven by our desires to fulfil all our guests’ dreams.

With every passing year and every award we’re honoured with, our passion to keep being consistent in serving our guests and delivering the much-coveted and fun Jaz Experience grows. 


This year Jaz Collection has stacked a gigantic number of 26 Awards, including 19 awards in Egypt and 7 in The Middle East, and we couldn’t get more over the moon that we keep amazing and inspiring you, our Jazers, and in return, you’re happiness is our eternal muse. 


Jaz Aquaviva slam dunks with 5 Awards in different categories, followed with Iberotel Palace with 8, tied up are Iberotel Coraya Beach, Iberotel Il Mercato and Sol Y Mar Ivory Suites, Jaz Dar El Medina and Steigenberger Makadi each with 2 awards, and finally Jaz Mirabel Park, Jaz Samaya, Sol Y Mar Sharks Bay have wrapped this beautiful start-of-the-year gift with 1 win each in the Middle East and Egypt lists.

Below are the categories and Jaz Collection hotels rated according to what YOU think:

Top Hotels List: 

In Egypt, the mesmerizing & beautiful Jaz Aquaviva took #6, Iberotel Palace #7, Jaz Mirabel Park #12, Jaz Samaya # 19 and finally Sol Y Mar Sharks Bay in # 22. 

As for the Top Hotels in the Middle East region, Jaz Aquaviva came in #25


Best Service:

In Egypt, Iberotel Palace came in # 8, Jaz Dar El Medina in #11, Jaz Aquaviva # 12, Iberotel Coraya Beach # 13 and Steigenberger Makadi in # 20.  

For the Middle East, Iberotel Palace amazed and came in # 21 over the whole region in best service.



In Egypt, Iberotel Il Mercato led the way in # 2 and came at #5 in the whole Middle East, followed by Sol Y Mar Ivory Suites in #8 in Egypt and #15 in the Middle East.



In Egypt, Jaz Aquaviva came in #4 and #13 in the Middle East region, and in Egypt, Iberotel Coraya Beach came in #10 and Iberotel Palace in #11

The best moments in our lives usually come in twos; snow and Christmas Eve, glistening sunshine & the beach, hotels and room service.

And now Jaz Collection and Perfect Romance have been voted as the new IT couple, the duo that play all the right keys to your hearts and ears.


Top 25 Romance Hotels:

  • The adult’s only Iberotel Coraya beach has ranked #6 in Egypt and #11 in the Middle East.
  • This flame of love is followed by Iberotel Palace, #4 in Egypt and #9 in the Middle East.
  • The second pair of winners in Egypt are Steigenberger Makadi at #9 and Jaz Dar El Madina at #24.

Their melodies are simply best played as a duet.