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Madinat Makadi A La Carte Restaurants on Top of The List

Madinat Makadi has enormous options when it comes to the culinary world. The a la carte restaurants are an exceptional eclectic blend of cuisines and different unique concepts that share some identical features; from creating an exceptional guest experience, extraordinary ambiance to phenomenal service and attention to details.

TripAdvisor, world-renowned online travel agency and review porter, has ranked Madinat Makadi’s a la carte restaurants on top of Hurghada’s dining venues.

Shinning bright in the first place is our favorite oriental cuisine, “Sofra” rated out of 372 restaurants in Hurghada. Coming in second of the heated race, is the alluring Italian restaurant, “Nino’s”, with its finest seasonal delicacies. Moving to the mouth-watering Asian Fusion cuisine, “Makai Tukai”, hitting the third place with its special dishes and extraordinary hospitality.

Congratulations to all the winning restaurants, we are looking forward to further success throughout 2020 for all Jaz Hotel Group dining spots.