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Jaz Collection launches Jaz Go Green website….!

There are almost 800 million hungry people in a world, degraded soils, polluted water and poisoned fields and meadows are just a few of the facts that demonstrate that changes are needed to our current development strategy.

During the 1980s, the concept of sustainable development emerged as a solution to the thorny problem of meeting the drastically increasing materialistic needs of the growing population, while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the environment. Rather than pitting environmental protection with economic growth.

In recent years, 36 of Jaz Collection had been certified as GREEN and have advocated sustainability when and where possible; with success.

To be able to showcase all their GREEN efforts, they have created “Jaz Go Green” website to keep you aware and updated; and it is the first dedicated website for environmental activities and initiatives amongst hotels …!!!

“Jaz Go Green” dedicated team’s agenda for 2017 aims to fight root causes rather than just symptoms with your constant support.

Jaz Collection is so focused on enlightening its staff, guests and stakeholders on how to help preserve Mother Nature & its resources without compromising on the quality offered or delivered.

Check the website www.jazgogreen.com