The resort is located about 30 km south of Hurghada International Airport, so getting in and out is a breeze. And speaking of breezes – this stretch of the Red Sea fills sails with a steady gale all year long. That combined with the flat, glassy waters of the Red Sea gives you one of the best kite and windsurfing destinations in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a budding novice, you’ll find conditions to suit here at Makadi Bay.

There’s so much to experience at Makadi Bay, from first-rate shopping to world-class scuba diving. A water park, luxury spa and championship golf course fill in the offerings. And with Jaz Hotel Group’s all-inclusive approach to Red Sea holiday, you’ll be well taken care of from the moment your toes touch the sand. 

The Madinat Makadi resort area hosts an astonishing array of hotels. Altogether, the resort sprawls across 250 luxurious hectares, home to plush accommodation, world-class golf courses and a heady mix of leisure and recreation facilities. Everything you need for an upbeat, Red Sea holiday is here – from high-octane water sports to a grooving nightlife. In between, you’ll find world-class shopping, traditional souks and one of the best spa centres in Egypt.

Jaz Hotel Group operates a funky quintet of properties in Madinat Makadi, each with its own distinct angle. Some are right on the beach, offering unbridled access to the region’s world-famous reefs. Others are strategically positioned near key attractions, such as the magnificent Makadi Golf Course or the Souk Makadi shopping complex. Whatever your focus while visiting Madinat Makadi, you’ll find a Jaz hotel that’s playing your tune.

Makadi Bay is located south of Hurghada, along a stretch of the Red Sea that’s championed around the world for its prime scuba diving opportunities. Some of the dive sites in this area are easily amongst the best in the world, so it’s no surprise that divers flock here.

All that enthusiasm also makes Madinat Makadi a great place to take up the sport. Most hotels along the bay have their own in-house diving centres, where you can rent equipment, charter a boat or even arrange to get certified. There’s no better place to take your first dive.

The following are a few of the best dive sites around Madinat Makadi and Hurghada:

Erg Somaya

Located on the east side of Giftun Soraya, this reef slopes down to depths ranging from 15 to 24 metres. It bottoms out into a sandy seabed, and then plunges another 50 metres. Interesting formations including a natural underwater pyramid and a pair of pinnacles create interesting terrain for coral to grow on.

Small Griftun

There is a spectacular wall at Small Griftun, and divers can glide effortlessly over a stretch of fan coral. You may even see enormous tuna in the deep-blue distance. In the courses of this dive, you’ll arrive at a sandy plateau overgrown with coral in an area that often sees corcodilefish, moray eels, sea turtles and spotted stingrays. It’s possible to experience Small Griftun as a drift dive or as a standard dive with the boat moored in place.

Shab El Erg

The north point of this U-shaped reef occasionally hosts mantas during the warmer months. Any time of year, the lagoon is worth exploring for the many pinnacles that rise out of the seabed. Dolphins like to put on a show every now and then.

Umm Gamar

This Island lies offshore of the bay and is surrounded by excellent diving sites. It is also a prime location for beginners to get some practice. You can drift dive on the east and west sides, or plunge into the coral gardens to the north of the island. This area can only be visited when weather permits.

Gota Abu Ramada

The hard and soft corals that populate this dive site attract an abundance of marine life – so much so that local divers have taken to calling it the ‘Aquarium’. You’ll feel like you’ve dived into a fish tank of monumental proportions, with butterfly fish, snappers, goatfish, banner fish and more teeming around you.

Wreck sites

There are a few wrecked ships that divers can visit in the area. First is El Minya, an Egyptian minesweeper that was sunk by Israeli fighters. The wreck site is only 70 metres long, so it’s easily explored. Two other wrecks in the area include The Excalibur and Colona IV – both of which were live-aboard ships that sank. The latter sank to about 70 metres and is ideal for a nitrox dive.

Most of the hotels found at Madinat Makadi have their own private beach access. The weather is fine year-round. Temperate and dry with more sun, sand and sublime, relaxing time than you’ll know what to do with.

Prepare yourself for long stretches of natural sand beaches fronted by waters that are clear, calm and unbelievably blue. This is prime territory for water sports. Steady winds drive windsurfers and tug kite surfers in broad arcs around the bay. Snorkeling, sailing and deep-sea fishing are also well catered for.

If you’d like to try your hand at something new, this is the place to learn. All-inclusive resorts on Makadi Bay can help you arrange lessons in scuba diving, windsurfing or kite surfing, and they can set you up with the equipment you need to put your newly acquired skills to work.

Madinat Makadi is a sophisticated resort area on the Red Sea, and it features a few indulgent spa destinations. One of these is the mividaspa, Jaz Hotel Group’s signature spa brand. It stands on the doorstep of Jaz Makadi Star & Spa, creating a veritable oasis of indulgence in the heart of Madinat Makadi.

The spa is spread over two spas and operates 23 fully equipped treatment rooms. These include the Adam and Eve Suites (which feature secluded Whirlpool terraces) as well as rooms for Vichy treatments, massages, facials, pedicures, herbal baths, scrubs and wraps.

At the centre of mividaspa is an impressive Whirlpool pool area, adjoined by a sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, chill pool and power shower. The atmosphere is sublime and takes its cues from Egyptian and Middle Eastern wellness traditions. Ayurvedic spa treatments are also available at mividaspa.

Madinat Makadi has been spectacularly developed, with a row of gleaming resorts and luxury hotels lining the sparkling Red Sea. But there’s a lot more going on here than plush digs and water sports. Case in point: Souk Makadi.

This shopping, dining and entertainment complex takes the traditional concept of the Egyptian souk – with its vendors, performers and fresh dining concepts – and gives it a fully modern makeover. It hosts a mercantile mash-up retail outlets intermixed with entertainment venues, restaurants and cafés, theatres and nightlife venues. Best of all – it’s conveniently located in reach of all the Jaz Hotel Group hotels in the area.

In many cases, guests can make reservations at fine-dining venues in Souk Makadi from the comfort of their hotel. After dinner, entertainment options range from live shows and buskers to trips to the cinema or evenings on the dance floor. This modern-day souk is a happening place to be any day of the week.

While Madinat Makadi is, perhaps, best known for its stunning slice of the coast, there’s another local treasure to enjoy. The magnificent Makadi Golf Course is beautifully designed and expertly maintained and includes a clubhouse and pro shop. It features an 18-hole, 72-par championship course along with a 9-hole, par-3 executive course & 3 designated championship training holes, voted Egypt’s No1 Golf Resort 2014 (World Golf Awards). The course was designed by John Sanford of Sanford Golf Design and was built to USPGA standards. It remains one of the longest, most challenging courses in the entire region.

The course sits at the centre of a lush enclave, surrounded by residential properties, lagoons and three saltwater lakes. The latter are connected by cascades that double as hazards on the golf course. The clubhouse offers refreshment and an adjoining swimming pool. Club rental, club cars, trolleys and caddy service can all be arranged in the pro shop.

If you plan to enjoy a few rounds of golf while visiting Madinat Makadi, Jaz Makadi Saraya Palms is ideally positioned. Enjoy easy access to the green against the spectacular backdrop of the Red Sea. And when you’d like to spend some time on the beach, it’s only a short drive to the waterfront.