Fujairah Travel Guide

Travel to Fujairah

Fujairah walks the line between cosmopolitan pleasures and traditional treasures. It’s a veritable UAE boomtown fuelled by oil reserves and a dynamic business sector. But it also maintains its Old World traditions. Desert excursions and Bedouin hospitality are part of the experience.

Head north of Fujairah city centre for the best resorts in the area. Warm gulf waters are perfect for diving, snorkelling and windsurfing – all of which your resort can arrange for you. You can also strike out on a desert safari on camelback or, if you’re ready to crank up the tempo, in a dune-cruising 4x4.

“A blooming rose in a bed of sand”
– Garth Brooks

Fujairah may not have the name recognition of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but that actually works in its favour. The smallest emirate in the UAE is also the only one that faces the Gulf of Oman rather than the Persian Gulf. It’s also more mountainous than its neighbours, which affects the local climate and leads to higher-than-average rainfall to feed the inland oases. Of course, this is still the UAE, and warm, sunny days on the beach prevail. 

Fujairah is the only emirate that faces the Indian Ocean, known for its comfortably warm waters. The area has some of the best diving in all of the UAE, with an impressive reef stretching nearly 90 km off the coast. Despite this impressive distance, many of the best dive sites are within a few hundred metres of the shore.

Many diving courses in Fujairah only last one day, so you can be out exploring the reefs in relatively short order. Once certified, there are many outstanding dive sites to explore, including the following:

Snoopy Island
Blooming with hard corals, soft corals and anemones, this area is suitable for diving and snorkelling alike. It teems with colourful tropical fish, moray eels, barracudas and the occasional reef shark.

Dibba RockOne of the most popular dive sites in Fujairah, Dibba Rock features sea turtles and gobies. Sea anemones and clown fish are also common here. Head to the seaward side of the reef for the best coral gardens and the highest likelihood of spotting a turtle.

Inchcape 1
This wreck site features an upright vessel at a depth of about 30 metres. The sunken ship is relatively small, so it can be thoroughly explored in a single dive.

Shark Island
It takes about 20 minutes to reach this island in the Bah of Khorfakkan. Divers can explore interesting rock formations, and while there is relatively coral growing here, there are still plenty of moray eels, pufferfish and batfish to view. This is also a popular site for snorkelling.

Coral Garden
Shark Island may not have much coral, but a quick jaunt about 50 metres to the east of the island will deliver advanced divers to deeper waters with soft coral, horn coral and gorgonias. 

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