Almaza Bay Travel Guide

Travel to Almaza Bay

Almaza means ‘diamond’ in Arabic. And this bay development on Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline lives up to the name. A sparkling backdrop of lakes, lagoons and landscaped gardens, all leading up to the glittering Mediterranean.

“Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We’re like diamonds in the sky”
– Rihanna

Marsa Matruh was founded by Alexander the Great and used heavily as a port once Ptolemy, his general, established his dynasty here. This ancient Mediterranean community has many claims to fame, going all the way back to the reign of Ramesses II. Today, you don’t have to royalty to enjoy the wiles of Almaza Bay – but that doesn’t mean you can’t live like a king.

Located some 250 km west of Alexandria, Marsa Matruh can be reached through its own international airport – though many visitors arrive at Alexandria and then follow the coastline out. And while Marsa Matruh is a popular retreat for residents of Cairo (especially during the late summer), it’s still far enough away from Egypt’s bigger cities to remain delightfully quiet throughout most of the year.

Visitors who make it to Mersa Matruh will feel like they’ve joined an elite club of in-the-know holidaymakers. Beaches that once hosted the likes of Cleopatra now host stunning resorts by Jaz at the Beach. Your own personal palace awaits. 

Anchoring the westernmost end of the 500 km ‘White Coast’, Marsa Matruh is one of the most important coastal enclaves to the north of Egypt. The sand along this stretch of the coastline is clean and marble-white.

Stand on the beach, look out over the waters and ponder your destiny – you’re in good company. Legend holds that Alexander the Great did the same in his day. Centuries later, Anthony and Cleopatra fell in love on this coast. History’s teeming with examples of important people embracing their own poetic epiphanies right here on the White Coast. And yet for all this historical precedent, the beach is surprisingly uncrowded, especially outside of the peak June-to-September season. Time your visit well, and you’ll feel like you’re in on one of Egypt’s best-kept secrets.

The beach area has undergone heavy development in recent years, but the scene here is a long way off from that of the Red Sea resorts. The beaches are clean and pristine – and they paint a captivating scene. 

Feel the breeze in your hair and bask in the sunlight on the soft, sandy beach. Or better yet, sail on sailor – this bay is perfect for windsurfing and kite surfing. There’s as much going on under the water as above. You can slip on a mask and snorkel, blow some bubbles and feel your troubles melt away.Wind & kite surfers are coming here drawn by the strong and steady year-round winds.Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a budding novice, you’ll find conditions to suit here

Historic sites and the lithe Mediterranean lifestyle lure visitors to Marsa Matruh, but there’s much more to enjoy beyond sunbathing and sightseeing. Almaza Bay also boasts a thriving shopping scene, with name-brand outlets and specialty boutiques attached to the luxury hotels of Marsa Matruh. These commercial zones also offer refined seaside dining and a full suite of entertainment and nightlife.

If you’re craving a more local scene, the shops and markets of Marsa Matruh itself are even more enticing; and they offer some real bargains. Gold and handmade leather goods are particularly popular here. Expect a high quality of workmanship at an astonishingly good value. 

Golfing is a growing phenomenon around Almaza Bay. Courses in the area take advantage of views over the Mediterranean and the cooling power of the sea breeze. A championship golf course is on the way, and it’s going to be one of the biggest in the country.