Safaga Travel Guide

Travel to Safaga

Abu Soma stands on a headland peninsula along the breezy Kriasi Bay, lapped by the sparkling Red Sea. Desert scenery behind you. Turquoise waters ahead. You can relax all day at the water’s edge, or crank up your lifestyle to a fever pitch with activities on land and at sea.

Feel the breeze in your hair and bask in the sunlight on the soft, sandy beach. Or better yet, sail on sailor – this bay is perfect for windsurfing and kite surfing. There’s as much going on under the water as above. You can slip on a mask and snorkel, blow some bubbles and feel your troubles melt away as you peruse the coral reefs. This highly saline seawater is mineral-rich, so taking a dip can leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. Some even say water of the Red Sea heals the body. It’s certainly good for the soul.

Once you’re ready to dry off, there’s more to see inland. Nearby Luxor and Karnak boast fabulous temples. And the kaleidoscope of cultures at Alexandria and Marsa Alam are only a daytrip away. With Jaz Collection, you can move to your own rhythm and do as much – or as little – as you like.